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Shaved Head look in 5 simple steps

Shaved Head

Shaved head in 5 simple steps

Are you losing your hair and thinking about sporting a shaved head? Don’t worry it might seem like a big deal, but it’s not. Having a shaved head is a very popular hair style. It’s a very clean and well groomed look, but can you pull it off? Sure you can!

Here are 5 things you must do to rock a shaved head

Want a shaved head? Shave it already

Ok, this one is obvious, but I bet you are reading this and your head is not shaved. Why not?

I know why because you are worried about shaving it. What will people think? Will women like it? What will I look like? Are there any other options?

There are a thousand questions you can ask yourself. You can keep wearing a hat to hide your hair loss. Combing your hair to hide the thin spots will not work forever.

No, there is not a miracle drug that you can take to give you a full head of hair again. SORRY.

It’s easy to understand that going from hair to not hair is frightening, but not doing it only prolongs the inevitable.

If you have read this far then I must be in your head and understand what you are going through.

Guess why? It’s because I was you and I went through the same pains. The best thing I ever did was going to the shaved head look. I’ve sported this now for many many years and will never go back.

Now just get to it and shave it off so we can move on to the next thing you need to know about rocking a shaved head.

Here is a how to guide when you are ready How to shave your head

Shave it often

Once you have a single shave under your belt it’s all about upkeep. You need to look clean and groomed. We don’t want a half balding head of hair growing back.

I recommend a shave every few days. Some like to shave their head daily and that’s also fine if you don’t mind the extra work.

Here is a quick reference for how often you should shave it.

Daily shave for the perfectionist

Every two days for the busy man

Three days for the sort of procrastinator

Four days or more – You really don’t care what you look like so don’t even bother trying to rock the shaved head look

The anti-shampoo

Now that you no longer have hair there is no need for shampoo or is there?

Your head still sweats and will get oily and dirty, so you need to clean it. Shampoo and conditioner? Nope, not for me.

I recommend using a moisturizing soap with a washcloth or straight to the dome. You’ll want something that will cleans the dirt and oils away and moisturizes.

A dry flaky bald head is just about as bad as a guy in a black suit with dandruff. Don’t be that guy.

Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize your head

Now you have a clean and moisturized shaved head it’s time to moisturize more. Remember that guy you don’t want to be? No flaky flaky.

It’s time to find some lotion, balm, oils, or cream that will keep your head moisturized without too much greasiness.

Rub it in your hands and give yourself a head rub down. Just like you are moisturizing dry hands except it’s your head silly.

In the summer you might be able to reduce this step, but in the cooler dry months make sure it’s in your routine.

Your shaved head looks good

This new look requires some confidence. If you have been dealing with hair loss so far it’s a confidence killer. Having a new shaved head should be a big confidence booster.

Be proud of it and wait for the compliments because you’ll get them. You just need to be confident and that starts with you.

There is one thing you can do to massively boost your confidence and the perception others have about you. It’s so simple you can do it today with or without hair.

Try it with the shaved head combo and you’ll be amazed how much differently you feel and how people perceive you.

Here it is…

Walk with your head up and look at people and smile. Simple Huh?

Stop walking with your head staring at your feet. This screams out loud that you have little confidence. All you need to do is raise your head up and look towards where you are heading.

Don’t just stare off into never never land, but glance around and observe things around you. It’s a big world and you might as well take in the surroundings.

If your eyes meet with someone else a gentle smile possibly a nod will do. It shows you are friendly and harmless and just screams I’m confident.

Don’t walk with a strut or with your chest puffed out like your trying to flex, just keep your head up and smile. Simple and very effective

Let’s wrap this up and quickly summarize. 5 things that will have you looking great and bubbling with confidence

Want a shaved head then do it and just shave it now. Do it! Go now and do it!
Shave it every 1-3 days. No less and No more you bum.
Clean it with moisturizing soap in the shower. No need for shampoo anymore
Moisturize with lotion, balm, oil, or cream after your shower
Be confident and walk with your head up and smile at people

Any questions, just ask. I’ve been where you are and can help you if needed.  If you are ready then use this guide for the first time head shaver