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HeadSlick Shave Cream

What I like

  • Good lubrication
  • Nice scent
  • Great packaging

What I don’t like

  • High ‘gunk-factor’
  • Not as widely available as other products


  • A reasonably good product
  • Would make a great gift, especially for someone who already owns a HeadBlade.


HeadSlickThe first thing that struck me, upon receiving my sample container of HeadSlick, was that the packaging was just gorgeous. HeadSlick comes in a container that looks like a small sports water bottle. It looks pretty cool.

The next thing that struck me is that the product itself reminded me a lot of Easy Shave, a shaving cream I had tried previously. It’s more of a lotion than a traditional foamy shaving cream, and when you apply it to your face and scalp, you get a ‘tingly’ sensation (it contains Menthol).

It was a little difficult to gauge how much of the product I needed to apply, initially, but after a few shaves I found an amount that was comfortable for me. Application was easy enough. I couldn’t decide if I liked or disliked the ‘mentholated’-cool feeling; some days I did, some I did not.

HeadSlick provides good lubrication, though not as good as some other products I have tried. There was only a small amount of irritation afterwards.

The package describes HeadSlick as water-soluble, which should ensure that the blade is easy to rinse, but that wasn’t my experience. I usually rinse my blade in a small cup I keep handy while shaving, but this just wasn’t working with HeadSlick. Several times during each shave, I had to rinse the blade off by sticking it under fast-running water from the tap. I was using a Mach 3, which is usually very easy to rinse off.

Despite this concern, though, I found HeadSlick to be a good product that produced a comfortable shave. If you’re not happy with your current shave cream, this one’s worth a try.

Guest Reviews

The following review is by Jon Hurtado.

Although I have used Headslick along with my Headblade for over 18 months now, I often wondered what is so different about Headslick that makes us use it instead of regular shaving cream.

In the spring of 2002, Craig McVeay, a very good friend of mine told me about Headblade. I went to the website and was immediately intrigued by the design, and decided to order one to test out. At the time, I did not order any Headslick, because I was a bit turned off by the price. Even when I received the samples of Headslick with my order, I still was not terribly impressed, so I continued to use regular shaving cream.

A few months later, I decided to purchase my first order of Headslick. When my order arrived, I tried it out, and was immediately impressed with it. From its ease of use, to the tingling sensation it gave my head after a good shave, it was indeed a great product.

Even though I have been using Headslick for well over a year now, I still did not fully understand the differences between it and shaving cream until a recent business trip. My bottle of Headslick did not have enough product remaining to carry me through the entire trip, and I was still waiting on my replacement order to arrive. Because the Headslick would not get me through the entire trip, I decided to take a can of gel type shaving cream thinking it would be just fine.

The first morning in New Orleans, I used the Gillette Edge shaving cream and it was a total disaster. I have never cut my head so many times as I did that day. It looked like I just came out of combat with all the blood. I completely fault the shaving cream, as I discovered that it is very difficult to tell when you have a good clean shave with it. Regular shaving cream also led to a good deal of razor burn even though the blade I was using was brand new. Along with that, I found out that shaving cream is an incredible mess compared to Headslick. I knew right then the difference between shaving cream and Headslick, and looked forward to getting back home so I could once again use Headslick.

Headslick is not completely perfect, but it is pretty damn close. The only problem I have with it is that it can be a bit difficult to wash it out of the blade if I am not in the shower. For those occasions, I keep an old toothbrush handy to aid in the cleaning process.

So, if you are looking for an easy shave, that is ultra close and free of cuts and razor burn, use Headslick. It may be more expensive than regular shaving cream per ounce, but it is well worth every penny. It will not let you down!

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