Squid Lid Shave Cream

What I like

  • Good lubrication
  • Very nice scent
  • Low ‘gunk-factor’
  • Good protection

What I don’t like

  • Nothing, really.


  • I really like this product. It’s going into the regular rotation. Recommended.


Squid LidSquid Lid head shave cream comes in the form of a small, hard hockey-puck-like bar, in very simple packaging. Directions are simple: Wet head with warm water. Rub bar over wet head or in wet hands and massage over head. Shave as usual. Rinse and pat dry. If the lotion starts to feel thick or dry, just run wet hands over the head and lotion will become slick once again. Keep bar dry between uses.

The first thing that struck me about Squid Lid is the scent. It’s pleasant, reminding me of watermelons, but more importantly it’s subtle and not over-whelming. I am not fond of over-powering smells.

The next thing I noticed while using it is the smooth, creamy feel of this product when it’s applied. It doesn’t foam or lather up the way some shave creams do – it’s more of a lotion-style cream, and it feels luxurious and comfortable on the skin.

Lubrication is adequate – not as much as a shaving soap or some other lotion-style creams, a bit more than a shaving oil. I tend to prefer this amount of lubrication myself; I don’t like an overly-slick feel when I’m shaving.

Skin protection is solid. I did get some nicks while doing the ‘torture test’ (ie. using the cheapest disposable twin-blade razor I can find), but that’s common with virtually all shave lubes. With better razors (I also used the Mach 3, Extreme III disposable, and Fusion), I had no nicks and no irritation. Even when I did have nicks and irritation from the cheap disposable, though, I found that rubbing the Squid Lid on my face/scalp afterwards felt pretty good.

On one of my shaves, I used a fair bit more Squid Lid than usual, and this resulted in some gunk build-up in the razor blade which was tougher to clean out than usual. On all the other shaves, though, gunk was not a problem, and the blades cleaned out easily and cleanly. Lesson learned: don’t over-do it with the amount you apply.

Another bonus to Squid Lid (and other products made by Squid Balm) for some potential customers is that it is certified Vegan and cruelty-free. From their site: “Squid Balm products are all made with the finest oils and butters we could find. They are nut-free, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and phthalate-free. We use organic and wildcrafted oils & butters whenever we can as well as unrefined oils when possible as they retain all their natural nutrient content.”

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed Squid Lid Head Shave cream – using it has been a pleasure. I usually stick to shaving oils unless I’m testing other products, but Squid Lid is such a nice product that I’m going to put it into rotation for my regular shaves. If you’re looking for a nice treat for your face and scalp, give it a try!

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