Best Head Shaving Products

There are a lot of head shaving products out there, so it can be difficult deciding on the best product for you. It’s complicated by the differences between shavers, too: a product that works better for one person may not be so good for another person. On this page, I’ll list the best products to shave your head that I’m aware of, based on my personal experiences and on the feedback I’ve received from hundreds of other head shavers. I’ll include the products that I think are the very best, and products that I think represent the best price/performance value.


The best razor I’ve used so far is the Gillette Fusion cartridge razor. It provides the closest shave of any cartridge razor I’ve tried, it cleans up pretty easily, and the blades last a good number of shaves. It’s also the most expensive cartridge razor around, which is its only downside.

The best value in a razor today is probably the Schick Extreme III. In terms of quality, it’s very similar to the Gillette Mach 3 (another favorite of mine), but it’s usually available for less money. The blade does tend to gunk up a bit more than the Mach 3, but shaving quality is excellent.

Shaving Lubricants

There are many more options on the shaving lubricant side of the shaving equation, which makes the choice more challenging.

Shaving Oil

The bottles are usually smaller, but a little oil goes a long way.  A 1 ounce bottle will usually last around 90 to 100 shaves, and provides virtually no irritation and excellent protection against nicks and cuts. The great thing is that your head will have a great shave and will be moisturized afterwards.  The only downside is that your razor will gunk up a bit during the shave and you need to rinse more often, but it’s well worth it

The best shaving oil is Sir Hare head shaving oil.   It was made specifically for bald heads, provides excellent glide, protection, and smells wonderful.  You are sure to love it.

Shave Cream

Try staying away from the shaving cream in cans.  There are a ton of chemicals in them and stuff that really shouldn’t be going on your skin.  There are many foamless shaving creams that are almost like a lotion on your skin.

The best shaving cream is Billy Jealousy’s Hydroplane shave cream. At $20 a bottle, it’s very pricey, but it virtually eliminates shaving irritation and provides excellent protection against nicks and cuts. It also cleans out of your razor very well. It’s completely amazing, in my opinion.

Final Comments

The effectiveness of any shaving product depends on the individual using them. People vary in terms of their hair thickness and coarseness, skin conditions, sensitivity to chemicals and smells, and other factors which may affect their use of a particular product.

That is to say, the best shaving product that works well for one person may not be so great for another. In all things, if you find something that works well for you, stick with it.

The products I’ve mentioned above work great for me, and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about them from many different people over several years. As a result, I’m confident they’ll be good products for most other people.