Avid4 Shaving System

What I like

  • Excellent design
  • Very portable

What I don’t like

  • Not really that great a shave


  • A good travel razor


Avid4 Avid4 Avid4

The Avid4 Shaving System is an innovative travel razor that is very compact and portable. It consists of two narrow plastic handles which hold two razor blade cartridges each within the handles. The handles lock together easily, resulting in a very small package that would be very suitable for travellers who are concerned about packing lightly.

The handles seperate without too much effort, and the handle attaches easily to the blade cartridge. The blade is a basic two-blade model without a ‘comfort strip’. The complete razor is very light but holds together solidly.

Because the handle is so narrow, it feels a little different holding it at first. It’s easy enough to use once you’re used to it, but I didn’t particularly like the feel of the handle.

The quality of the shave is similar to a regular disposable razor. That is, it’s adequate, but not especially good. I found that I had difficulty with some areas of my head that are a little uneven; I often had to go over them several times, and I would still end up with a shave that wasn’t quite as close in those areas as I would like.

There was also more irritation with the Avid4 razor than with the higher-end razors that I normally use. This may be a reflection of the extra effort required on certain areas of my scalp, or it may be due to the lack of a ‘comfort strip’ on the cartridge; I’m not sure.

The blade I used lasted about 10 shaves, which is pretty good. It’s also what the manufacturer claims on it’s website; that’s one of the few times that a manufacturer’s claim for the durability of a shaving product has been accurate.

Overall, I think the Avid4 razor is a good travel razor with an excellent design. If you’re concerned about packing lightly, the Avid4 will suit your needs fine. If your primary concern is a close, comfortable shave, though, I’d suggest sticking to the higher-end 3-blade razors.


Avid4 – the official website.
Avid4 from Trafalgar Shop – a North American distributor.
Modern Gent – A UK distributor.