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Jack Black’s Beard Lube

What I like

  • easy to apply
  • provides good protection
  • doesn’t gunk up the blade
  • provides a nice, comfortable shave

What I don’t like

  • it’s a bit pricey


  • a quality shaving lubricant, and definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something different


Jack Black Beard LubeJack Black sells a number of shaving, skin care, sun protection and grooming products for men, which are available for sale on their website. Their Beard Lube product is described as a pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin conditioner, all in one.

Beard Lube comes in a squeeze tube container. The product itself is what I would describe as a shaving lotion, as opposed to traditional shaving creams. It has the consistency of a skin care lotion or sunscreen, and it’s applied pretty much the same way as those lotions. They suggest using a ‘quarter-sized’ amount for your face; I used about that on my face and a similar amount on the scalp.

Application is easy, and since it’s a white-coloured lotion it’s easy to see where you’re applying it. Once you rub it into your skin, it becomes clear, so you can see the surface you’re shaving. There’s the usual tingling sensation that many clear shaving lubricants have (I assume it’s the menthol), so you can tell it’s there.

Lubrication is good, and provides a smooth ride for the blade. Unlike other shave lotions I’ve tried, Beard Lube didn’t gunk up my blade; when it builds up, it washes out quickly and easily. I ended up getting consistently clean, close shaves, comparable to the quality of shave I get with other high-quality shaving lubricants.

Beard Lube also provided very good protection for the skin. I noticed some mild irritation on my first shave (with a new blade), but since then there hasn’t been any appreciable irritation, and I managed not to nick myself at all.

On the downside, Beard Lube seems a bit pricey, at $15 USD for a 177ml supply, which marks it as a premium product, and perhaps not in the range of a budget-conscious shaver.

Overall, Jack Black’s Beard Lube is a very good shaving lubricant. It’s definitely the best shaving lotion I’ve tried, and among the best shaving lubricants overall. If you’re looking for something different, it’s definitely worth a try.

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