If you are looking for an electric shaver for sensitive skin this article will help you understand the different types of shavers and which one is best to protect your skin. Shaving with an electric shaver is the quickest way to get rid of your 5’oclock shadow, but if you have sensitive skin it’s also a good way to irritate your skin and create red bumps, patches, and razor bumps that nobody enjoys.  Men are usually most sensitive around their neck and it’s the most common place for irritation to occur.

The best way to take care of your sensitive skin it to pick out the best shaver to get the job done.  There are two main types of electric shavers, so let’s discuss the differences between the two to understand which one is better for sensitive skin


Rotary Electric Shaver – A rotary shaver has a series of circular heads with blades that spin to cut the hair underneath.  As you move the shaver across your skin the hairs enter the slots on the heads and cut by the blades.  This type of shaver does a great job removing a large amount of hair, but it’s also the most harsh on your skin.

Foil Electric Shaver – It’s called a foil shaver because there is a very thin piece of foil over the blades that allows the hair in to be cut, but the foil itself is very gentle and helps protect the skin.  This type of shaver is great for close shaves and the best option for protecting sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin then I would recommend checking out the Foil Electric shaver by Panasonic Foil Arc3 that will help protect even the most sensitive skin.