In the course of any activity, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise. Most of them you will figure out on your own, but occasionally it’s nice to get advice from others who are engaging in the same pursuits.

To that end, I’ve written up a few articles dealing with various aspects of head-shaving. Some are detailed answers to questions I’ve received, others are merely musings on my part for no great end.

Shaving issues and tips

Razor Bumps Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) can be a serious problem for some shavers.
Bald Head Shine Some like a shiny bald head and others don’t care for the glare and reflection.
Shadow So if my hair’s all gone, how come I can still see where it was?
Other Methods of Hair Removal Getting tired of shaving every day or two, and wondering if there’s an easier way?
Skin Shaving your head means scraping a piece of metal across that bald head.  Learn more about your skin and how to protect it.

Decisions and musings

Why Shave? As host of this website, I’m sometimes asked why anyone would shave their head.
Advantages and Disadvantages The pros and cons of going hair-free. They’re worth considering if you’re not sure about your own choice.
Should I or Shouldn’t I? A lot of people email me and ask for my opinion about whether or not they should shave their heads. I can’t really tell you one way or another, because it’s a personal choice. But I can suggest things to think about when making your choice.
Hair Restoration If you are interested in trying to go head to head with your hair loss then hair restoration might be for you