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Shave before or after Shower – What’s the best way to shave?

Shaving is a bathroom routine along with brushing your teeth, showering, and other things we won’t talk about here.  Most men treat their shaving routine as just another part of their day that happens to be a nuisance and some men even claim to hate shaving, but what is the best time to shave before or after showering?
Others have learned to enjoy a nice shave because of a few tips and tricks that take an ordinary shave to an extraordinary experience.

The Million dollar question to shave before or after shower?

There are benefits to shaving before and after your shower, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of each and why you would choose one over the other.

Shaving after a shower

     Pros –
          The main benefits of shaving after the shower is that your skin and whiskers are hydrated from the water and assuming you wash yourself you also exfoliate by removing dead skin cells and also remove the oils from your skin and hair.  Removing the oil from your whiskers and the moisture they get from the shower makes them much easier to shave off.
          Most of the time while shaving after a shower you’ll get those tiny little hairs that might not get rinsed off completely. Have you ever had a tiny little hair caught in the collar of your shirt that irritates you all day?  That little hair causes so much grief it’s almost a good enough reason to never shave after you shower.

Shaving before a shower

          All of the tiny little hairs will be rinsed down the drain and there will be no need to worry about finding that single hair irritating your neck line.  If you use shaving cream or shaving soap it’s also very easy to rinse it off and not have a white film left from that spot you forgot to rinse off.
          If you just start shaving without properly hydrating your skin and whiskers its likely to be a painful experience due to the lack of hydration in order to soften up the hairs.

What’s the best way to shave then?

I agree that neither of the options are very desirable and by themselves they really aren’t, but I’ll teach you a little secret that will take your shaving routine to another level.
Try shaving before a shower with two additional steps.
     Step 1:  Wet a washcloth in warm water and scrub your whiskers, hair, or whatever you are shaving with soap.  This will clean it and remove the natural oils.  Rinse your face afterwards.
     Step 2:  Take the same washcloth and rinse all of the soap out of it.  Once done, place it under hot running water,squeeze out the water and lay it over the area to be shaved.  This is a hot towel shave that barbers use.  Do this a few times and your skin will become hydrated and the whiskers and hair will be much easier to shave
After performing both steps you continue with your normal shaving routine and then take a shower.  I promise this will be a much more enjoyable shave and once it becomes part of your routine you’ll never have a bad shave again.
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