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Shaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel

What I like

  • Very good lubrication

What I don’t like

  • High ‘gunk’ factor
  • Foam doesn’t last very long
  • Not enough protection
  • Pricey


  • Personally, I don’t recommend it.


Shaver's Choice GelShaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel comes in a squeezable tube container. You should make sure your scalp and/or face are properly wet before applying. To apply, you squeeze a small amount into your palm, work it into a lather (a little water helps), and then apply it to the surface you wish to shave. Once you’re finished shaving, you can either rinse it off or just dry the shaved surface with a towel.

Usually, most shaving lubricants I’ve tried fall into certain classes that are easy to identify. The shaving oils I’ve tried, for instance, all work and feel pretty much the same. Shaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel, though, doesn’t quite do that. It’s a gel, but it differs from other gels I’ve tried in several ways.

First, the similarities (or rather, similarity): Shaver’s Choice offers very good lubrication. The blade glides easily over the shaving surface with very little friction evident.

Now for the differences.

The foam produced by this shave gel is not very long lasting. I shave my face and my scalp, and my usual practice is to apply my shaving lubricant to my entire head at the start and then shave. By the time I’m only partly done my face, though, the Shaver’s Choice foam is fading fast and barely visible. This contrasts sharply with other gels I’ve tried, which normally produce long-lasting foam. Applying a bit of water and rubbing the surface again re-activates the foam; alternately, continuing to shave without re-activating the foam also works, and has about the same effect in terms of shave closeness and irritation.

Despite the foam’s lack of visibility, it still manages to gunk up my blade pretty quickly. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to clean out the blade while shaving, much more than with other gels I’ve used.

I also experienced more skin irritation than I expected. It’s not the worst irritation I’ve experienced while shaving, and it’s manageable, but I was expecting better. Again, other gels perform better in this area.

Despite these problems, I still managed to get a good close shave using Shaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel.

On their website and on the packaging, they say that Shaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel will prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Since I don’t generally suffer from these problems, I can’t evaluate this product in this regard, but if you’re suffering from either of these problems and try this product, I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

Overall, I do not recommend this product. At $4.99 (USD) for a 113 gram (4 fl. oz.) package, as listed on their website, it’s pricey, and you can get a better shave gel at your local supermarket or drugstore.

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