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Supermax Aromatherapeutic shave gel

Guest Reviews

The following review was submitted by Tim.

This is a review for Supermax Aromatherapeutic shave gel. I bought it at Zellers in Northgate Shopping Centre, I have also seen it at Zellers on Henderson Highway (in Winnipeg, Canada). It cost $5.00 for a 5.0 OZ tube.

Likes: I feel the price was right for it as a litle goes a long way.

Dislikes: It is hard to find.

This shave gel contains Eucalyptus and Ginseng and you can sure notice them when you smell the product. I have been using it for about 2 months, on and off. I love the smell of it and it is extremely easy to use. You just put a quarter size amount in the palm of you hand and a splash of water and massage into face and begin shaving.

The shave is close and comfortable as the gel provides good moisturization for the razor to glide through. Also there is not much foam in fact hardly any foam is present after you apply it, it is almost like a shaving oil in that it is a low foam shaving gel. After you are finished shaving you are left with a hint of lime which lasts quite a while.

The supermax company also sells razors, which I haven’t tried as of yet. The website is www.supermaxworld.com.

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