Oster Finisher/T-Finisher Trimmer w/ Cryogen-x Shaving T-Blade

The following review is by Bosh.

What I like

  • No trimmer cuts closer
  • Cuts through the toughest hair
  • Powerful pivot motor
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Perfect for dry shaving

What I don’t like

  • Shaving T-Blade must be purchased separately
  • Shaving T-Blade ups the cost by 60%


  • Best trimmer I’ve tested, including models by Andis and Wahl


I’m lazy.

There, I said it. I’m not ashamed, either. I’m a fat, lazy bastard and, as such, I refuse to shave my head every day. Or every other day. Or every other other day. Nope, once a week for me. Every Sunday. Shower day.

No, only joking. Every day is shower day. But since I only shave my head once a week, razors are out of the question. I’m way too lazy to trim my hair AND then shave. No, I needed a better solution: a way to shave my head in one easy step, even when I have a head full of hair. So, after months of searching (Months? Ha! Who am I kidding!), I finally found what I had been looking for: the Oster Finisher/T-Finisher Trimmer with the Cryogen-x Shaving T-Blade.

Most of the reasons I dig this solution are listed above. What it comes right down to is no trimmer cuts closer. None. No Andis trimmer. No Wahl trimmer. No Toys ‘R’ Us plastic weed trimmer. None of ’em.

The only problem is the Shaving T-Blade must be purchased seperately. A quick search at Yahoo! Shopping will reveal that the trimmers go for around $35 and the Shaving T-Blade is another $20. The standard blade does a decent job (I was content with it for a while), but the Shaving T-Blade cuts closer, period.

One final note: for those who are interested in this solution but, for whatever lame reason, refuse to shop online, don’t bother looking for Oster products at Walmart or Target or your favorite Salvation Army. These are professional barber/salon tools I’m talkin’ about here. A real man’s tools. (They’re also a beauty school graduate’s tools, but never mind that!) So, if you want to purchase one of these trimmers locally, look for a Sally Beauty Supply store in your area. Of course, expect to pay twice what these go for online — Sally will rape you and, as sick and perverted as you may be, you won’t enjoy it.

But you will enjoy the Oster Finisher/T-Finisher trimmer! (I’m such a pimp.)

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