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Shaving Cream Reviews

Edge ProGel

Comes in a variety of types (like Extra Protection). Comes out of the can in gel form, foams up when you lather it onto your skull. The foam lasts a long time, provides excellent lubrication. Recommended.

Easy Shave

A shaving lotion that comes in medicated and unmedicated forms. You wet your head, dry it, then apply Easy Shave, then shave like you usually do. It doesn’t foam up like most shaving creams, so you can see the surface you are shaving. Provides good lubrication, and it’s supposed to act like a skin lotion, providing an extra layer of protection to your scalp. The more heavily medicated versions are suggested for people with scalp problems, such as razor bumps. Recommended.

Easy Shave isn’t widely available. For purchase information, visit their website.

Gillette’s Gel

It’s in gel form inside the can, but foams up coming out of the nozzle. Foam lasts well enough, provides good lubrication. An acceptable product.

Gillette Foamy

Nice foam, but it doesn’t last long enough to get my entire head shaved. Foam tends to evaporate if you’re not quick enough with the blade, and what’s left over isn’t very helpful. Not recommended.

Barbasol Gel

Comes out of the can in gel form, you lather it up by applying to your head. Has decent staying power, lubricates well enough, but I’m not very fond of this one. It’s not bad, though, and there seems to be plenty in the can. Acceptable.

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