The best balding clippers are built by reliable manufacturers. Wahl clippers are some of the most well known.  These balding clippers cut the hair very close to the scalp, and provide years of use with minimal maintenance. If you go checkout your local barbershop you will probably find some of the best balding clippers in use and they are likely either Wahl or Oyster brand clippers. Barbers buy high quality commercial balding clippers because they cut so much hair and they need clippers that will hold up to the wear and tear they put on them.

Balding clippers have two primary purposes. The first is to achieve a tight faded look, which means fading your hair from a longer length to a shorter length. The blending of the hair is done by the clippers also known as fading.

The other purpose of Balding clippers is to completely shave a head bald. This is the most common reason people buy balding clippers for home use. They are easy to use to begin shaving your head and the small investment in a good set of balding clippers will save you money instead of visiting the barbershop every few days to get your head shaved.

When I first started realizing my hair was thinning I decided to purchase a set of balding clippers and shave my hair right down the middle. This committed me to shaving my head because there is no turning back from a reverse mohawk.

After that initial shave my clippers would shave my head every 3-4 days and I followed that routine for many years. That translated into hundreds of haircuts from those clippers and thousands of dollars saved by not going to a barber each time I wanted to cut my hair. The only thing I ever had to do was oil the clipper blades every so often to keep the blades lubricated. Other than that they worked great and i never had to replace them.

Remember that a typical haircut will cost you at least $15 and when you start using clippers on your head it’s not uncommon to shave your head once or twice each week. That’s $60-$120 savings per month by cutting your hair by yourself.

When you think about it that way the cost of clippers doesn’t seem high at all. Invest the money to get the best balding clippers you can afford to because they will pay themselves off in a month or two and keep you looking good.

Shaving your head with balding clippers doesn’t give you a razor like finish. There will still be a small amount of stubble and you will notice it when you run your hands against the grain of your hairs. If you are looking for a super smooth head then the only way is to start shaving your head with a razor. For now we will focus on using the clippers.

Wahl is one of the most trusted names when it comes to balding clippers and you really can’t go wrong with any of their products. I would recommend to stay away from off brand names because the lifespan will likely be much less than what you will get from Wahl balding clippers.

For about $40 you can get the professional series Wahl balding clippers from Amazon

This is one of the best balding clippers on Amazon and they have a 4.5 star review with over 1,300 customer reviews. Read through the reviews to get a sense of what people have to say about the product, but the comments are overwhelmingly positive.

There are barbers that use these clippers to shave the heads of their clients and individuals that purchase the balding clippers for cutting their hair at home. No doubt they will do a great job shaving your head and leaving what I would call a 5’oclock shadow on your head.

The one critical point that comes up in many of the reviews is how sharp the blades are and how careful you must be while using these clippers. It’s true that they are extremely sharp and it’s easy to knick your neck, the back of your ear, or other exposed skin while you are shaving your head bald.

Go ahead and try them out. You can’t go wrong and worst case if you hate them it only takes 3 haircuts to pay for themselves.

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