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Ultra Shave

What I like

  • Facilitates a close shave
  • Little to no irritation
  • Leaves skin feeling great

What I don’t like

  • Pricey


  • An excellent, innovative product, and definitely worth a look


Ultra ShaveUltra Shave is a lotion-style shaving cream developed by Bob Norburn, a Tribologist (aka Lubrication Engineer) in Nova Scotia. It is currently distributed by Modern Gent.

Ultra is made entirely of natural, non-chemical Food Grade ingredients, avoiding petrochemicals and animal by-products. It comes in a 100ml container that dispenses the cream in metered amounts of 1.5ml via a novel piston action system. The 100ml of Ultra Shave provides enough cream day after day to provide for 66 days of shaving.

Application is very simple: moisten your scalp thoroughly, pump once on the dispenser to get a good amount of Ultra onto your hand, and massage it into the surface you wish to shave. One pump works out perfectly for my face or my scalp. It’s visible initially but as you massage it, the Ultra blends into your skin like a skin cream. Then you shave as normal.

Lubrication is good, and irritation protection is very good, and nick protection is excellent. The gunk factor was not a problem with the Schick Extreme III or the Gillette Fusion that I used during this trial.

Ultra Shave also makes a good skin cream. I had recently been experiencing dryness on my hands due to some of the work I’ve been doing, and some of the skin care lotions I’d tried weren’t helping much. While shaving with Ultra, though, my hands have regained their normal state despite the rough working conditions. My scalp feels great, too.

About the only downsides to Ultra Shave are the price and the fact that I can’t get it at a local store. At this writing, Ultra retails for £12.95, which currently translates to about $24 (USD). It’s not cheap, but it’s a high-quality product that’s worth the money.

Overall, Ultra Shave is an excellent product that I can heartily recommend.

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