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Men-U Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme

What I like

  • Provides a good, clean shave
  • Washes away very cleanly
  • Easy to apply

What I don’t like

  • Tends to dry up
  • Pricey


  • A good product and worth a look


Men-U Ultra Concentrate Shave CremeMen-U shave creme is a lotion-style cream. The sample I tested came in a 75 ml (2.5 fl. oz.) bottle with a locking pump. Application is very easy. Once your head and face are nice and wet, squirt some shave creme into your hands and rub it in thoroughly. Men-U shave creme doesn’t foam up to any great degree, just enough to cover the shaving area nicely.

The instructions on the bottle suggest that 1.5 to 2 pumps of shave creme should be sufficient for a normal shave. I found that using 2 pumps for the face and 2 for the head worked well. Men-U says that the bottle is good for 125 shaves, so I would expect it to go about 60 shaves if you’re shaving both face and head. Since I shave every 2 or 3 days, on average, I’d expect a bottle to last 3 to 4 months.

Shaving is pretty easy once the shave creme is applied. Lubrication was good. Irritation was relatively low. I did experience some nicks and more serious irritation on one particularly rough shave with a poorer-quality razor, but that didn’t occur when using better razors. For people with sensitive scalps, using some soothing aftershave afterwards would probably be useful; for myself, I managed without it. Overall, protection was good.

I did notice that Men-U shave creme does tend to dry up a bit during a long shave. I usually start shaving with the face and then do the scalp second; usually by the time I started shaving up top, the shave creme had dried a bit and wasn’t providing as much lubrication as before. Rubbing a small amount of water onto the shaving area helped this, though, so it’s not too much of a complaint, just something to be aware of.

Men-U shave creme washes away very cleanly, which I liked. It tended to clean out of the razor blade very well. I often shower after shaving, and I really enjoyed the clean-scalp feeling once the shave creme had been washed away.

The Men-U USA website lists their shave creme at $16.99, which I would consider pricey. In terms of pricing and product placement, Men-U appears to be a premium product.

Overall, I found Men-U shave creme to be a good product, providing an easy shave with sufficient lubrication and protection. It’s worth a look if you don’t mind the premium price tag.


Men-U USA – Official site of Men-U products in the US.
Under the Blade – An article in Brentwood Magazine Online about straight-razor shaving, which includes some comments about Men-U products.

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