Avid Skinglider

What I like

  • Very good lubrication
  • Excellent protection
  • Virtually no irritation
  • Easy to apply

What I don’t like

  • A little pricier than I’d like


  • Recommended. An excellent lubricant.


Avid SkingliderIt’s tough to say exactly what Avid Skinglider is. It has a lot of similarities to shaving oil, in that it’s a concentrated liquid that comes in a small bottle and provides an excellent shave. But it’s not oil-based. Skinglider is more like liquid soap in the way it feels. There are two versions of Skinglider available: normal skin (the blue stuff), and sensitive skin (the green stuff).

The directions suggest applying 6 to 8 drops of Skinglider to your palm and then rubbing it into the (wet or dry) shaving surface before shaving. In practice, I ended up using 8 drops on my face and 8 drops on my scalp. Though it says it will work on either a wet or dry shaving surface, I found I greatly preferred it on a wet surface. If you’re stuck without any water, though, Skinglider will still do the job.

It’s easy to apply Skinglider; it rubs easily into the surface. It’s also easy to tell where it’s been applied because of it’s slightly soapy texture.

Lubrication is very good. Protection is very good with the ‘normal skin’ version and excellent with the sensitive skin version. I didn’t suffer any nicks with either version, but there was slightly greater irritation with the ‘normal skin’ version, so I would recommend using the ‘sensitive skin’ version.

Though the bottles are small (15ml), since Skinglider only requires a small amount for each shave, it’ll last for a while. At this writing, it’s available for £3.99 from Avid, or $7.99 from Trafalgar Shop. That’s a decent price, though it is higher per use than most shaving oils on the market.

Overall, I found Avid Skinglider to be an excellent product, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good shaving lubricant.


Avid Skinglider – the official site.
Trafalgar Shop – a North American distributor.
Modern Gent – A UK distributor.