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Are you scared of going bald?

It’s unfortunate, but true that many people are plagued with the fear of balding.  The bad news is that the majority of men lose their hair, so if you are fearful there is a good chance it will come reality.  The good news is that the fear nothing but a thought in your head and you can overcome it just like millions of other men that face the reality when their hairline starts receding.

Fear of going bald

I was very young when my hair started to thin.  It was more of thinning in the front rather than receding, but the timing was terrible.  I had just got out of high school and was in my prime and my hair was disappearing.  For a few years I tried to comb it a certain way and pretend it was not really falling out, but eventually I had to come to the reality that I was balding and needed to face it.

There were plenty of fears in my head.  What happens if I lose all of my hair?  What will my friends think?  I can’t go visit my family without a hat or they will know.  Do women like bald men?  It’s crazy to think about now, but I was extremely fearful of losing my hair.

Why they want you to be fearful

Start watching late night tv and you are sure to run across a commercial talking about regrowing your hair, or maybe a hair club, or some spray to make it look like you are not balding.  Most of these commercials will have women in them after you use their pills, club, or whatever they are selling.  They want you to think that women don’t like bald men.  They want you to be afraid of losing your hair and there is a good reason why.  Do you know why?  Fear SELLS, that’s right FEAR SELLS or more accurately emotions sell and fear is a very strong emotion.

Don’t be a sucker

There are plenty of people that will sell you dreams to regrow your hair and you can buy their products and keep holding onto that dream, but the reality is if there were products that really make your hair grow there would probably not be bald guys or wigs or toupees being sold.  Nobody wants to be bald, but the way I look at it is if that was the plan for me I might as well embrace it.

Kill the Fear

My choice when faced with a balding head was either to find solutions to fix it or just shave my head and get it over with.  I decided to shave and man am I happy that I did.  It took some courage to shave it, but once I did there was a feeling of power.  It was me that took control of the situation and this was a look that I chose.  I’ve had a shaved head for a long time now and looking back it didn’t impact me one bit.

I never had women problems, my friends didn’t care, my family was perfectly fine with a bald son, and my life went on as you would expect it to.  I’m hoping by the time you get to this sentence you are starting to realize it’s not such a big deal to lose your hair and that the fear is just taking over you.  Believe me it gets better, but you need to control it and take charge.

The ball is in your court now, so if you are ready to take the plunge and control your future instead of having the fear of going bald, go checkout some head shaving videos and make a decision for yourself.