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Sharp’s Kid Glove shave gel

What I like

  • Easy to apply.
  • Nice feel.
  • Close, comfortable shave.

What I don’t like

  • Premium price.


  • An excellent shave gel that I quite enjoyed. Recommended.


Sharp’s Barber & Shop has style. That much is apparent from their website and the packaging of their products. Fortunately, there is a bunch of substance to go along with that style.

Sharp’s Kid Glove shave gel comes in a 75ml squeeze tub. You squeeze a small amount of this smooth-feeling gel onto your hands and apply evenly to the surface to be shaved. It doesn’t foam up at all, so once it’s applied it’s clear, but it’s easy to tell where it’s been applied (so you won’t miss a spot). It’s easy to apply and it has an interesting texture that I can’t quite describe, but I like it.

Lubrication is good, providing for a nice, comfortable shave with little irritation. It’s a little gunky at times, clogging up my Mach 3 on occasion, but it washes out pretty well. Irritation protection and nick protection were both good.

I noticed a tendency to what I call the ‘glide effect’ on some areas when I was shaving. Sometimes while shaving, it will feel like I’ve shaved an area completely smooth, but after I’ve finished shaving and have washed up (usually after my shower), I notice that there’s still a bit of roughness in one area. It’s as if the gel actually covered the affected area and kept me from noticing that it wasn’t quite smooth when I was shaving. Normally this only happens for me on the back of the scalp, and it tends to be a problem with most gels I’ve tried. It’s not a big issue, just something to be aware of.

Sharp’s Kid Glove shave gel goes for $13 per 75ml tube, which is what I would consider a premium price. The tube lasted a little over a month for me, though it could have lasted longer; I often found I had used a bit too much of the gel, which reduced my supply a little too quickly.

Overall, I found Sharp’s Kid Glove shave gel to be excellent. If you don’t mind the premium price tag, it’s definitely worth a try; it’s one of the few shaving gels I’ve tested where I’ve actually gone through the entire supply.


Sharp’s Barber and Shop – Official website.

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