Short razor reviews

Gillette Sensor

My very first blade razor. Simple but elegant handle, with easy-to-grip rubber-ized ribbing, and a two-blade head. Produces good results, although some skin irritation is common. The head tilts almost 45 degrees, which is useful for shaving over the surface of your skull. A good product.

Gillette SensorExcel

Essentially the same design as the Sensor. However, the SensorExcel also features a “comfort-strip”, a band of what seems to be an after-shave just behind the blades. This strip reduces skin irritation, helping to provide a more comfortable shave. It’s a good improvement, and makes this model preferable to the original Sensor. A very good product. Recommended.

Schick Performer

The only Schick product I’ve ever purchased. Features a flexible head. The commercials I saw showed it hugging the contours of a bowling ball. Unfortunately, this does not translate directly to hugging the contours of the human head. The Performer produced a close shave when I used it, but caused a great deal of skin irritation, and more nicks and cuts than I am used to. I abandoned it after 2 weeks. Not recommended.

Generic Disposable Razor

As an experiment, I purchased disposable razors from Safeway (large supermarket chain), just to give it a try. If you’re intending to shave regularly, avoid disposables. The shave was uncomfortable and I ended up with more nicks and cuts than I’ve ever had with any other razor. Surprisingly, however, it did a decent job when I dry-shaved part of my skull (though I don’t recommend dry-shaving, as a rule). During regular shaving, it gunks up pretty quickly, and is difficult to clean out. Not recommended.

Schick Tracer F/X

The following review is by John1511@aol.comby (posted here with his permission).

I sure agree — the “Performer” was no “performer” for MY head! The moment I saw the way the razor head was attached to the handle with that swivelly thing, I knew there’d be trouble. On the other hand, the Tracer F/X (and I go for the high-end blades with the green lube strip) actually conforms to the shape of what it’s shaving, so that’s why I can get such a close shave. While I like the Gillette Mach 3, the head doesn’t “bend” like the Tracer, so I have to be more careful. I often use the Mach 3 on the flatter parts, and then the Tracer F/X on the rounded surfaces… together, they make for a really close shave. But the Tracer F/X alone is just fine, and a whole lot less expensive, too. Try it! I think you’ll like it.

Schick Protector

The following review is by Dreif (posted here with permission).

I have had very good success with Schick Protector blades. They are expensive, but you almost have to try to cut or nick yourself. For people just beginning (I’ve been at it for a little better than two years) I think that they would be an excellent choice.

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