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Wilkinson Sword Extreme III disposable razor

Guest Reviews

The following review was submitted anonymously.

This is a three blade disposable razor with lubricating strip, a little more pricey than generic three blade disposables but with the special bendy blades well worth the price.

What I love about this razor is that the blades bend. If you’ve noticed when you shave your, head the stroke right down the middle is never the same width as the blade you are shaving with. That’s because your head is round and your blade is flat. With the Wilkinson Sword Extreme III the blades bend so when you take a stroke with your blade the stroke is the same width as the blade. This means it takes less strokes to shave your head saving you time and scalp irritation. Also, for people with bumps or moles on your head this razor is very forgiving! I’ve got a tiny mole behind my ear and I haven’t nicked it or irritated it yet using this razor.

What I dislike about this razor? Nothing I love it. It can get gunked up when shaving if you only shave every 3 or 4 days but for regular shavers (i.e.: every day or other day) like me that doesn’t pose a problem.

I’ve purchased this blade in L.A., Montreal, and London so it is available all over.

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