Should I shave my head?  What would I look like bald? I remember asking myself those questions to myself after looking in the mirror wondering where my hair had gone.  It was in my early twenties after a few years of my hair obviously thinning.  I wasn’t bald but it looked like I would be in a few years if I didn’t do something about my hair loss.  Going from a full head of hair to a smooth shaved bald head is a big change.  I wondered what I would look like bald and if I would look like some type of sideshow freak or look good with a bald head.

It was either wait and continue to lose hair and go bald naturally, buy drugs like Rogaine to try and slow down the balding, or to suck it up and shave my head and find out.  I figured if there was truly a cure for balding there probably wouldn’t be bald people, so instead of fighting my genetics I stopped asking if I should shave my head and decided to go for the shaved head look.

It seems like yesterday when I stepped into that bathroom with a set of Hair Clippers and a determination that I was going to shave my head.  The thought of shaving off all my hair and being bald was scary, but I was ready to do it.  I didn’t really care anymore what I looked like because a shaved head had to look better than a sorry combover trying to cover up bald spots.

If you are asking yourself should I shave my head, then you probably already know the answer.  Here are a few more things to thing about before you take the plunge.

    1. When should I shave my head?  Some people shave their head bald because of a style and that’s fine, but this website is for people that are losing their hair.  When you should shave your head is when you feel comfortable doing it.  It’s a scary feeling and no amount of prep will make you 100% comfortable, so if you are tired of losing your hair and think that a shaved head will suit you then go ahead and shave your head.  Worst case scenario is that you let it grow back out to the same length that it is today.
    2. What will other people think?  A lot of people who want to shave their heads hesitate and delay because they are concerned that they will get a negative reaction from people they know. They imagine that they might look ridiculous, and that people might laugh at them or insult them.I’ve received hundreds of emails from people who have shaved their heads, and virtually all of them have gotten nothing but positive responses about their new bald looks. It’s unlikely that they all looked fabulous, but it’s understandable that they all got positive comments. Consider:
      • People who don’t like your new look aren’t really likely to say anything to you about it. I have known a great many people who, at one time or another, have gotten a lousy haircut. I don’t think I’ve ever told any of them that I thought it looked bad, and I’ve certainly never laughed at them or mocked them. Neither will people you know mock you for your haircut.
      • People who like your new look are likely to say something, because it’s a very visible and obvious change.

      Thus, you get all of the positive reaction, and virtually none of the negative reaction.That doesn’t mean that most people will like your shaved head, or think it looks better than when you had hair. But really, you can’t expect to please everyone. If you’re happy with your appearance, that’s all that really counts.

    3. What if I don’t like the shaved head look? What would I look like bald?  There’s no way to tell ahead of time how you’ll look with a shaved head, but I do have a suggestion. Instead of going all the way at one go, try going in stages.
      1. Get a pair of clippers, and using one of the guides that comes with them, trim your hair. A length of 1 inch or so is probably a good start.
      2. Evaluate your appearance. You can do this immediately, or you can take your time, several days if need be. If it’s too horrible for you to bear, then you can stop at this point and let your hair grow back. If it’s not too bad, use the clippers again, and try for 1/2 an inch.
      3. Evaluate again. If it’s still okay, skip the guide and shave your hair down to stubble.
      4. You get the idea. Once you’re down to stubble, you have an excellent idea of how your head will look bald. If everything’s still acceptable, get out the razor, and shave it all off.

      The big advantage to the step-by-step method is that you can stop at any stage, and you won’t have to wait quite as long for your hair to grow back. For most people, hair grows back at around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch per month (results will vary depending on the individual).  If you are already balding then growing it back might not be an option.

Hopefully, this little Q&A will help you in deciding.  I know it would have helped me decide much easier when I was considering if I wanted to shave my head.  If you are ready to take the plunge then buy yourself a inexpensive set of clippers (you can always upgrade later).  They will cost you less than going to a barber shop, they will give you the shaved head look, and will be useful for many future haircuts.

Ultimately, it’s your decision, and you’re the only person who can make it. Shave if you want, or don’t shave, it’s really only important to you in the end.

If you want to take it one step further you can Bic your head and make it nice and smooth.