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For this review we are going to focus on the ATX version of the HeadBlade.  If you are not familiar with the HeadBlade company they create shaving products for men that shave their heads.  Their razors and head slick shaving are their two staple products.  The HeadBlade ATX (All Terrain Razor) is the latest model that was introduced a few years back.  I had a chance to review this model and below is my feedback about the product.

HeadBlade Review

Many people have asked about a razor designed specifically for head-shaving. There is a product called the HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor made by a company in California that seems to fit the bill. The handle is custom-designed with headshaving in mind. It is designed to use either Schick® Ultrex® or Gillette® Atra® pivoting twin blades. The blade is mounted in such a way that you push rather than pull the razor over your scalp. The look of this razor is excellent; it’s the kind of thing you’ll enjoy showing off to other people.

I found that using the HeadBlade takes some getting used to before you are shaving comfortably. The push motion is awkward at first, but it’s kind of neat once you are used to it. When you use it properly, there’s little irritation, and you get a good, close shave. Unfortunately, the blade that came with my HeadBlade did tend to ‘gunk up’ fairly quickly, and was difficult to clean out, but that’s not a huge complaint.

There is definitely a learning curve with this product, though. It’s awkward in places, especially around the ears. It’s also not very easy to use on the face; for decent shaving results, I found it advisable to use another razor for that task.

I’ve also received email from many other people who have used the HeadBlade. Comments are generally positive, with some people very enthusiastic about this product. I’ve also gotten comments from people who found it too awkward to use properly.

The HeadBlade is definitely an interesting product. It makes a great-looking gift for a headshaver, and some people will definitely enjoy using it. Overall, though, I would tend to stick with a regular razor.

The following review of the headblade was sent to me by Johnthejerk44 (at) aol (dot) com.

The HEADBLADE is awesome it’s so easy to use i also purchased one for my buddy. It has a cool design & you can shave alot faster ….no nicks or cuts. Sometimes though i use another razor just to go over my head after using the Headblade just to make sure it’s all gone. i give the product an A++++.

What I like
  • Attractive design
  • Unconventional
What I don’t like
  • Takes time to get used to it
  • Awkward in some places
  • An interesting product that shaves well.  The ATX  is less than $15 on Amazon if you want to give it a try.

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