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The following review is by Paul Godwin [paulgodwin69 (at) hotmail (dot) com].

The product above is available from www.shave.com and is also available in local outlets globally.

I tried the enhanced formulae shaving oil and I have to say it is the best. It is ‘perfect’ for head shaving, there is a lot of lubrication despite only using 3 drops to do my whole head. I tend to use 3 drops also for my facial shaving.

I use this with a Mach 3 razor and it glides really well. It smells nice too.

Before using the above product I used to use Gillette shaving gel but found that I went through too much of it.

I do tend to rub baby oil on my head for additional moisturising and sometimes if I want very close shave, I go over my head again with a razor.

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