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Razor Gator

What I like

  • Handy.
  • Inexpensive.

What I don’t like

  • Nothing, really.


  • It’s certainly not a necessity, but it’s handy if your blade clogs regularly.


One thing I find annoying is when my razor clogs up and it’s nearly impossible to wash the gunk out. I’ve resorted to toothpicks and Q-tips on occasion just to clear out the hair, skin, and shaving lubricant that can get stuck between the blades of many cartridge razor systems on occasion.

The Razor Gator is a tool designed to deal with precisely that situation. One end is a small brush, sized to easily and quickly brush away gunk from a typical cartridge razor. The sides have angled fins that can be used to scrub away gunk that’s too had for the brush. The end opposite the brush has a swab that can be used to wipe off moisture from the blades.

How useful you’ll find the Razor Gator will depend on your razor and shaving lubricant. For instance, my Mach 3 doesn’t clog up very often, and it’s pretty easy to wash out, so I found I wasn’t using the Razor Gator at all. When I switched to an Extreme III for a while, it would clog up about once per shave, on average, and I found the Razor Gator useful then.

For cleaning out the gunk, I found the Razor Gator more effective than a Q-tip or toothpick. Typically it took just a moment to clear out the hair, skin, and shaving lubricant, and I rarely have to resort to the plastic fins to get out anything tougher.

The Razor Gator seems like it might last a significant period of time before needing replacement, but it’s hard to tell. I noticed that sometimes the blades will cut into the brush; I assume that depends a bit on how you use the brush when clearing out the gunk. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself cutting off all of your bristles. Information on the Razor Gator website seems to indicate that one unit will last around a month, but for myself it has lasted much longer.

The price of the Razor Gator itself is good (normally $1.79, currently $0.99 as an introductory offer), though shipping does run it up a bit. Shipping for one is $1.99, so at the current rate, it’s about $3 for one item (but cheaper in bulk, of course). Whether that cost is worth the convenience, compared to items you may already have around the house, is the challenging question.

Overall, I like the Razor Gator. It’s well-designed, convenient, and effective. For most shavers, though, I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s a convenience that would be most desireable for those who regularly find their blades clogged. If you do regularly have your blades gunked up, though, it’s definitely worth a look; for those circumstances, it’s just the thing.


Razor Gator – Official website.

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