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Gillette Venus

Guest Reviews

The following review is by Paul Witek, and is posted here with his permission.

This may be considered “blasphemy”, but the easiest, best scalp shave I’ve gotten has been since I got curious and strolled over to that section of the shaving supplies where things are brightly colored… yep, that’s right, I swallowed my pride and bought a woman’s razor.

The Gillette Venus was the one I ended up with, and it works great. The blade design is quite similar to the Mach 3, making it very easy to clean, but the total blade head has a larger overall size with cushioned pads that prevent nicks. It also tends to pivot a bit more.

The end result is that I can get a close shave, rather quickly, with no irritation and haven’t gotten a single nick yet.

I’d suggest giving it a shot – and the blue one isn’t too obnoxious. Of course, the blade cartridges are a bit pricey, but they seem to last about as long as the Mach 3 blades.

Now if Gillette would just make a version with a black handle, or if HeadBlade would make a version that used the Venus cartridges…

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