Women who shave their heads


Reflections on shaving and life from a young woman who shaved her head. Great reading.
A young woman in England shares her experiences of shaved life, and the way people react to her.


To quote from their site, “Our aim is to promote modern short hair styles for the woman of today. Our video studio produce a range of top quality styling video’s that demonstrates how short haircuts can bring out the true beauty in a woman.” Some of the pictures and videos include images of women getting their heads shaved.
Red Light Fetish Hair Page
Links to numerous sites with pictures of bald women or women shaving their heads. There are some links to adult sites, as well. The Red Light Fetish page is no longer valid, so it has been updated to another site with pictures of bald women and women shaving their heads.
Hair Enthusiast Hotline
Haircut.net sells headshaving and hair-cutting videos, and the site features a lot of pictures, including before and after shots of some of the models.

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