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Shaver’s Choice

What I like

  • It reduces the irritation after shaving.

What I don’t like

  • If you use too much, it has a greasy feel.


  • If you’re experiencing skin irritation after shaving, this may be for you.


Shaver's ChoiceI don’t usually suffer much skin irritation when I shave, so in order to test this product, I had to do some things which I would recommend anyone else avoid: I used a cheap disposable razor and a cheap foamy shaving cream, and I didn’t shave very carefully. This resulted in substantial skin irritation and a few nicks and cuts.

Shaver’s Choice looks similar to Petroleum Jelly and smells like oatmeal, which I found pleasant. To apply it, you first rinse your face and head with cold water, then blot dry with a towel. You apply a small amount of Shaver’s Choice to the skin with a circular motion.

I noticed an immediate improvement in the level of skin irritation once Shaver’s Choice was applied. It doesn’t take long to take affect.

I found Shaver’s Choice to be somewhat greasy, and the sensation on the skin wasn’t entirely pleasant. It turns out I was using too much of it, and this feeling can be eliminated by using less, or by wiping off the excess.

Their website makes other claims about Shaver’s Choice, describing it as an aid in the prevention of razor bumps and in-grown hairs. Since I don’t suffer from either of these conditions, I can’t comment on its effectiveness in this regard. If you suffer from any of these problems and try this product, drop me a line and let me know if it worked for you.

Overall, it appears to be a good product, and is definitely worth a try if you’re experiencing skin irritation when you shave.

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