Shaving with olive oil

Thousands of years ago people didn’t have shaving creams, gels, and all of the refined products that we have today. They used materials that were part of their daily life to groom themselves and olive oil was the staple product for shaving.  Sea shells or rocks were used to scrape away hair because modern razors didn’t exist.  Needless to say the irritation factor must have been off the charts.

So why use olive oil to shave with you might be asking?  Well, let’s think about oils and their use in our lives and what purpose they serve.  Cooking oils are used to prevent food from sticking in a pan by making it slick, car oil is used to prevent moving metal parts from being destroyed by lubricating them.

When you use oil to shave it serves a few purposes.  Provides a slick surface that allows the razor to glide across and it also protects your skin due to the micro thin layer that the oil puts between the razor and you.

Ok, now you are convinced to shave with oil so let’s talk about how to shave with Olive oil.

Here is what I like about olive oil

  • All of the above statements about shaving with oil
  • You probably already have some in your pantry
  • It will moisturize your skin and has plenty of other health benefits
  • This 16oz bottle will last you forever, so very cost effective.

What I don’t like too much

  • The scent.  I love cooking with it and eating, but I don’t like being the meal.  I smell like a frying pan
  • Thickness of the oil.  It is a very thick oil.  There are many oils much thinner and do a great job shaving
  • Greasiness after shaving.  Other oils absorb much better and leave your skin nice and soft, but olive oil not so much

If you have never shaved with oil before, grab the bottle from your pantry and give it a shot.  It really is a great way to shave.  If you like the idea of shaving with oil, but don’t want to use olive oil then checkout for great shaving oils for your head and face.