Gillette Sensor 3

What I like

  • Provides an excellent shave
  • Easy to clean out
  • Good feel

What I don’t like

  • Very pricey


  • As good as it gets with disposable razors.


Gillette Sensor 3 disposableThe Sensor 3 is Gillette’s entry in the 3-blade disposable razor market (which currently consists of the Sensor 3 and the Schick Extreme III). It looks and feels like the disposable version of the Mach 3 more than the Sensor line of razors, but I suppose Gillette doesn’t want to associate the Mach 3 with disposable razors.

Though disposable razors will never have the solid feel that the more robust cartridge razor systems have, the Sensor 3 does have a good feel to it. The contoured handle has rubberized grips on the side, and the shape of the handle is more comfortable than most. It’s easy to control.

The open design of the blade itself means that it won’t ‘gunk up’ very often. If it does, it’s also very easy to clean out. As a result, the blade stays clear and nothing gets in the way of a good shave. The quality of the shaves I experienced while using this blade was excellent. It’s basically like shaving with a Mach 3, and I don’t expect it could get much better than that. The blades seem quite durable as well; I used mine for as long as I would normally use a Mach 3 cartridge.

Price-wise, the Sensor 3 is as expensive as it gets for a disposable razor. Current prices at list the Sensor 3 at $12 (US) for 8, compared to the Schick Extreme III at $11 for 8. Still, compared to Mach 3 cartridges at $15 for 8, the price isn’t bad for the quality of the shave.

Overall, I consider the Gillette Sensor 3 to be an excellent disposable razor, and it will probably be my first choice when I don’t want to carry around my Mach 3 (like when I’m travelling).

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