This site exists to share information about head-shaving. I intend it to provide useful and accurate information about head-shaving-related subjects.


Most of the information on this website is based on the personal experience and reading of the author.

If a product review on this site is not clearly marked as written by someone else, it’s based on my personal use of the product, and reflects my experience with the product.

Articles on other aspects of head-shaving are also based on experience, unless it’s a situation or condition that I haven’t encountered in my own life, in which case I’ve done some reading on the web or through another source. When possible, I’ll list additional sources of information that an interested party can use for follow-up.


This is a personal website, which I run as a hobby. I maintain this site because I like to share information about things that interest me, and when I first came up with the idea for this site, there weren’t many places where you could get information about head-shaving.

The views expressed on this site are my own, unless otherwise stated (for example, reviews written by other people, which are clearly marked).

Full Disclosure

I haven’t received any money to promote any particular product or services.

I have received some free samples from different product manufacturers which I used to write the reviews of those products. I like to think that the free samples did not greatly influence my reviews of those products, but I still prefer to make it clear that I have received something, which could affect my perceptions.

I’ve also recently added Google and Amazon ads to some of my pages. The ads displayed are not directly under my control, so seeing an ad on my site doesn’t indicate any endorsement on my part for the advertised products. The ads are supposed to be based on the content of my site, so it should be related to shaving or hair removal.

Site Design

I tend to prefer simpler web pages, with big, easy-to-read text. I like to be able to get at the content. As a result, the pages on this site tend to be pretty simple, with very few graphics, and little or no extras like java, javascript, flash animation, etc.

As a result, some will find this website dull. That’s okay. There are other sites related to head-shaving that have a better look than this one. Check out the ‘Links‘ page.

Site History

The first version of this website was a portion of my personal website back when I was on Blue Sky Freenet, probably around 1996. It consisted of instructions for shaving one’s head, and answers to a few questions. I didn’t have a hit counter, so I have no idea how many people found the website. I did get occasional email, so I figure a few people must have seen it.

This site actually got me 15 seconds on a CTV National News broadcast. Jonathan Gravenor spent an hour talking to me about the site for a fluff piece on the rising popularity of the bald-by-choice look. The hour got snipped down to a little more than a sound bite, but it was still pretty cool. Unfortunately, Blue Sky Freenet went belly-up not long after that.

I renamed my site ‘Head-Shaver’s Information and FAQ’ and moved it to Geocities. I periodically added stuff to it, occasionally forgot about it (I’d leave it alone for months at a time), and sometimes submitted it to various search engines (though I never could get it listed with Yahoo!). On Geocities, it managed to get tens of thousands of hits, which I thought was pretty cool.

Geocities started placing a lot of pop-up and pop-under ads on their sites, which I found to be quite annoying, so I decided in early 2002 to spend some money, get a domain, and find a webhost.

So in March 2002, HeadShaver.org was born. It seems to have been a good decision: this site is now listed with Yahoo! (and was even made a Yahoo Pick), traffic is substantially higher than it was on Geocities, and there’s a lot more information available now than there was before.