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Zirh Soothe

What I like

  • Pleasant scent
  • Soothing feel
  • Not greasy or oily

What I don’t like

  • Nothing, really


  • Probably the best aftershave lotion I’ve tried. Recommended.


Zirh SootheZirh Soothe is an aftershave lotion. It comes in a regular version and a ‘fragrance edition’. I received the fragrance edition for testing. Zirh Soothe has a light, creamy feel to it, and a gentle, pleasing scent.

I’m normally not much for aftershaves, which is to say that I don’t use them often. I tend to use shave lubricants that prevent most irritation, so it normally isn’t necessary. But it does still occur from time to time, so it’s nice to have a good soothing aftershave lying around.

Zirh Soothe is the first aftershave I’ve tried in a long time that I really like. The consistency of the product is fairly thin, and it’s very easy to apply. It doesn’t leave you with that greasy feeling that some lotions have.

Applying Zirh Soothe on an irritated scalp makes an immediate difference. I found it to be gentle and comfortable, and it immediately reduced the itching and discomfort from a bad shave. I’ve found that with some aftershaves, I feel like I want to wash it off of my scalp shortly after applying it; that wasn’t the case with this product.

Overall, Zirh Soothe is an excellent aftershave lotion, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable, soothing aftershave.


Zirh Soothe – Direct from Zirh

Originally posted: October 2004

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