Aqueous Cream

The following review is by our guest Peter Twist.

A friend of mine recommended aqueous cream for shaving after I had enquired how he achieved a near perfect finish. I used it this morning for the first time and am very impressed.

Not many people know about this product, simply because it is a generic pharmaceutical product made for medical purposes, unperfumed and unbranded, apart from the manufacturer’s details. It is remarkably inexpensive.

It is sold in tubes and large tubs, recommended by medical practitioners and skin therapists for all manner of dry skin complaints. Usually based around white petroleum jelly, its formulation presents an intensely hydrating, soothing and easy to apply thick cream which is absorbed by the skin and washes away with water.

People with allegies apparently show few reactions. The label on the large pot I bought from the Pharmacy for £2GB ($3US) stated that it was safe for babies’ skin and for the elderly. I don’t know if I fall into either of these categories!

Simply wet the skin, apply, (you can afford to be generous), and shave normally. Use your favourite razor and rinse the blade frequently in hot water. You don’t need to rinse off any remaining product as it automatically becomes your after shave lotion, skin softening cream and 24hour moisturiser all-in-one.

Doubtless any shaving and skin product manufacturer reading this will be knashing his/her teeth in anger and I do admit I missed the fun and fragrances of applying a myriad of creams and lotions. I’m sure they would acknowledge, however, that this universal formulation is the basis of many of their products.

Try it and see. If it doesn’t suit you, it won’t have cost a fortune. I was left with a wonderful smooth dome and face, with no ugly bumps and grazes, that have stayed soft and youthful all day.