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Zirh Shave Cream

What I like

  • Applies easily
  • Good shave

What I don’t like

  • A little too much irritation
  • ‘gunk’ factor
  • too ‘sticky


  • A decent shaving cream, better than most foaming creams, but there are better creams on the market.


Zirh Shave CreamZirh Shave Cream comes in a 100ml metallic squeeze tube. Out of the tube, it has a solid consistency, much thicker than most shaving creams I’ve tried. It has a fairly light, pleasant scent.

Zirh Shave Cream is easy to apply. Simply squeeze a small portion into your palm, and rub it into the shaving surface (after the shaving surface has been properly moistened, of course). It’s easy to see where it’s been applied (it’s white in colour), but once it’s rubbed in properly, it is mostly clear.

I found lubrication to be good. The blade glided easily enough. Unfortunately, this shave cream tends to ‘gunk up’ the blade fairly quickly. It’s ‘sticky’ enough that once the blade is gunked up, it interferes a bit with shaving. This can be overcome by cleaning out the blade regularly with hot water, of course. Be sure to do this often, as Zirh Shave Cream gunks up faster than most of the shaving lubricants I’ve tried.

Protection was good, but I found that there was always some irritation after I’d finished shaving. Not a lot; I’d say it’s similar to the levels of irritation I normally experience with shaving gels. Still, there are products on the market which leave me with virtually no irritation.

The quality of the shave tended to be very good, though I found that I had a greater tendency to miss spots with this product than normal. The consistency of the cream is such that it can cover up a rough spot while you’re shaving, it seems, and I’d only notice the rough spot when I was showering afterwards. This happened a few times, but not always.

Overall, I’d say that Zirh Shave Cream is a good product, but it has a few faults that prevent me from recommending it. I found Zirh’s pre-shave oil to be a much better product, so if you’re buying from Zirh, I’d recommend trying that one instead.


Zirh Shave Cream – Direct from Zirh.

Originally posted: October 2004

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