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SENS Shaving Care

What I like

  • Comfortable shave
  • Virtually no irritation

What I don’t like

  • Very pricey
  • Poor nick protection


  • I don’t personally recommend it.


SENS Shaving CareI had written an earlier review of this product based on a small sample. I’ve since received a larger sample, so this review is now complete.

SENS shaving care a lotion-style shaving cream. According to the letter I received with the sample, it combines Birch Sap with olive oil, and is rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements. Basically, it’s a white fluid that’s a little runnier than most skin care lotions. I found the scent to be quite strong, but pleasant enough; if one is sensitive to strong scents, though, this might be a turn-off.

It applies easily enough: after wetting the shaving surface, simply rub in the fluid. Not much is required (the sample pouches were 4 ml, which is supposed to be sufficient for one shave). Lubrication was good. Irritation levels were very low.

Unfortunately, I managed to nick myself nearly every time I used this product. I tried it with three different razors and got nicks with all three (I subsequently used those razors with other products and did not experience the same problems). One cut was particularly bad, the worst cut I’ve experienced while shaving my head; the mark is still visible over a month later. I’m not sure why this would be the case, but I have never experienced as many nicks with another shaving lubricant. I should note that all nicks were to my scalp; I didn’t nick my face at all.

This product is priced at a premium. At this time, it sells for $23 (US) for 75ml (link below). Assuming 4ml per shave (I would actually have preferred a little more), that’s about 19 shaves; if you shave both face and head, that’s probably 10 per bottle. Considering that you can get an excellent shaving oil for less than $0.10 per shave, paying $1 to $2 per shave seems an excessively high price.

Overall, I’m disappointed. SENS shaving care seems promising in many respects, but if a shaving lubricant doesn’t provide sufficient protection from nicks and cuts, it’s not really worth using. Perhaps this only applies to shaving one’s scalp; as I mentioned above, I didn’t nick my face while using it, so perhaps if one is just shaving the face, it is sufficient. Still, in combination with the price, I can’t recommend this product.


SENS shaving care – Available online from the US.

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