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Interview with Katt

The following interview was conducted August 5, 2002, via email with Katt, a young woman who shaves her head. Katt also runs an adult head-shaving, hair fetish website called Headshave.

When and why did you first shave your head? How did you feel about it when you were done?

The first time I shaved my head down to the skin was just over two years ago now, and it was on my website. That is the first time I razor shaved right down to the skin.

I had been shaving with clippers to very short stubble for a number of years before that. I had an adult website, and to my intrigue and delight, it had attracted a number of members who told me how hot they found shaved women. I was often wearing wigs on my site, partly because I love wigs as well, and partly because I thought people wouldn’t appreciate my extreme style of a stubbled scalp.

Once I discovered that there were others that shared my interest in shaving and clippering, I was quickly encouraged to take my first plunge at going all the way down to the skin with a razor. Wolfe shaved my head for me, and it was a really hot experience. I loved it when it was done, it was scary, intimate, and liberating. It felt like I was very exposed, open, and it gave me a delicious vulnerable feeling. Similar to just having the short stubble, but even more intense, as you can feel every little breeze and raindrop. Also the reactions you get from passers by.

How often do you shave?

How often I shave can vary quite a bit. I have gone through periods where I’ve taken it down every couple of days, every couple of weeks. Then I’ve also gone through stretches of 2-6 months where I let it grow back out quite a bit, or only shave a part of it, sprouting a mohawk. I intend over the next little while to shave it right down to the skin about once a month.

Actually the day of this interview, I’m having a female friend come over and shave it for me later today. For the first time I’m going to shave it outdoors in a public area. Every time I shave I either do it live on camera as part of a show, or I video clip it, or I take pictures of the process.

What is your favorite thing about being a bald women? What is your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing about being a bald woman is exciting, intriguing and captivating other people. I enjoy it on a personal sensation level as well, it feels good, sexy, exposed. But the biggest thing I enjoy about it is doing something that is controversial and alternative that arouses a group of people who support me in the process. I guess I’m kinky in that way, I have a fetish for unusual desires and arousals, and being a part of greater fantasies and liberating peoples conventions of what is erotic. I like to be subversive.

The least favorite thing is that from bleaching my hair in the past, I have some scarring on the back of my scalp, I wish I was perfectly smooth and white all over, instead I have patchy red spots on the back of my head, but that is something that is out of my control.

How do people react to your look? Are the reactions that you get from men different from the reactions women give you?

Actually I get similar reactions from men and women, in terms of how they look at me. You can see people are caught off guard, and that some people enjoy looking and are intrigued, and other people try to look away and ignore it.

Women are more likely though to approach me and ask questions, usually they ask if I am bald by choice, or whether I’m undergoing chemotherapy or have some other reason for being bald, they are always polite, and curious. Men on the other hand usually don’t say anything, though the occasional time they have, it’s always been to pay me a compliment, and tell me they think I look great.

Women have also told me that I suit being bald, and some of them have expressed that they wish they were brave enough to do it themselves. I always try to be encouraging, and if I’m feeling bold enough, I’ll even offer to do it for them, unfortunately so far, no takers.

What is your favorite hairstyle for women (besides shaved)? For men?

I love very short hair on women, short stubble, which looks wise is actually my favorite for myself as well. I like the feeling of being totally bald best, but I like the look of about 4 days worth of stubble the very best.

The same goes for men, I like men with about 4 days worth of stubble on the head, just so it looks shadowed, and the stubble has a rough texture to it. I’m not sure why. I really enjoy the process though of shaving though, and feeling the smoothness, and feeling it as it grows back.

For Women I also like other alernative hairstyles, like mohawks, or partially shaved heads. With short short stubble being my ultimate favorite. I also like angled bobs where the nape is partly shaved and exposed. I’m bisexual and like to have nibbling access. Straight hair that is cut shorter in the back and longer in the front I find very sexy.

Do you have any shaving secrets you’d care to share?

I think most people into shaving know a lot of the little tricks that there are. Some work for some people and don’t for others, there are lots of shaving tips that you can try, and see which works best for you.

Some people can’t shave super close because their skin is too sensitive. I think the best way to go is to have a good set of well kept and oiled sharp clippers that you take the hair down to the lowest level with that first. Then to have a really good quality razor, right now I’m using Mach3 turbo.

Soak your hair first with a hot towel. However, if you get things too water logged you may not get as close, but some heating softens the hair and makes for an easier shave, so it all depends on your hair texture and how much water the skin on your scalp will retain, it’s a balancing game.

Some people use shaving soap, or shaving cream, or shaving oil, I think all are good, I usually use a foaming gel, and I think less is often better, just enough to cover the stubble, nothing more or it clogs the razor faster. Rinsing the razor after every pass or every few passes is a good idea. Using a light gliding touch.

If you have skin that is not too sensitive, and you can handle a number of repeats, to get really smooth, you need to run your fingers over your scalp in all directions, and to shave in all directions, because the hair on your scalp will grow in many different directions, so you may feel smooth one way, but rough another.

Finally I think it’s good to pat down with a cool cloth to soothe the scalp. If you have any irritation lavender oil, diluted in another oil works very well. If ingrowns are a problem, oil is a good idea as well. There are specialty oils available at most pharmacies that sell lots of hair care products for women’s hair removal that are specifically designed to prevent ingrown hairs, they work particularly well. I’ve never had a problem with ingrown hair yet on my scalp.

The biggest secret to share, is that if you’re thinking of doing it, but have never done it, because you think it won’t suit you, or that people will judge you, or that you have something ‘wrong’ with your head, like you don’t think you have the right shape to shave. Just do it. The secret is, everyone I know who has felt that way, and then taken the plunge did not regret it at all, they were all pleasantly surprised and glad they finally worked up the courage.

If you feel the need to warn friends or co-workers in advance, do it. I’ve done that at my own work place in the past, so that I don’t make people too uncomfortable, I’ve just casually told them, ‘by the way, I’m shaving my head this weekend, so when you see me on monday, don’t be too surprised, I’m going to be bald’.

I think it’s important to be true to your self, and to be adventurous, life is too short to live it for others, if you’re curious, just go for it, the worse that can happen is you’ll decide to grow it back, and hair grows pretty fast, also the hair that grows back will be healthy and strong.

This interview was conducted via email on August 5, 2002. Katt is the webmistress of Headshave, an adult website featuring hair fetish and headshaving content.

Katt’s website also features an ‘Ask Katt’ section, so if you have any questions for her, feel free to get in touch with her.

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