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The Total Shaving Solution shaving oil

What I like

  • virtually no irritation
  • comfortable, close shave
  • seems to soften and comfort the skin
  • small and efficient

What I don’t like

  • since it’s clear, you can’t really see where you’ve applied it
  • it’s not available at any local stores in my area


  • using TSS has resulted in the most comfortable shaves I’ve had yet


When I opened the shipping envelope, the first thing I noticed about the Total Shaving Solution (TSS) is how small the container is. I had received the 0.33 ounce bottle, which is as small as it sounds. Small doesn’t mean you’ll run out quickly, though; the instructions indicate that you only use a few drops of this stuff for each shave.

After thoroughly wetting your head, you apply TSS by putting a few drops in your already wet hand, and massaging it into the scalp and face. The instructions suggest 3 drops for shaving (I assume that’s for the face), so I used 4 drops for my head and 2 for my face (I only shave part of the face; I have a partial beard). It’s a clear liquid, so it’s impossible to see where it’s been applied. You just have to rub it in for a while, covering all areas you want to shave, and assume it’s there. It’s slightly mentholated, so you can feel a slight tingling where it’s been applied, but you’re still going partly on faith at this stage. Use plenty of water.

TSS doesn’t provide as much lubrication as I’m used to with other products I’ve used. That is, the razor doesn’t glide quite as smoothly as it does with shaving creams or gels; there is a lubrication effect, and I had no trouble dragging my razor over my scalp. The instructions suggest splashing more water on your face and scalp whenever needed, not adding more shaving oil, and I did that a couple of times during the shave.

The first time I finished shaving, I waited a bit to see how irritated my scalp would be. I thought that because there wasn’t as much lubrication as I expected, that there would be more irritation, but I was wrong. I couldn’t feel much, if any, irritation. It was tough to believe at first, but subsequent shaves proved to be the same: I experienced virtually no irritation at all. I could barely tell I had shaved, except that I had a nice, smooth scalp.

Using TSS did not give me a closer shave than usual. The closeness of the shave is about the same as I’ve experienced with other good products like Edge ProGel. That is, of course, an excellent standard, and I would have been very suprised if I could have gotten any closer a shave, but it is worth noting.

After two weeks of using the Total Shaving Solution, I am very pleased. The smooth, comfortable shave is consistent and easy. The nearly complete lack of irritation is remarkable, and is the best reason to use this product. And after 2 weeks, I still have plenty of shaving oil left in that tiny bottle.

The only downside for me is that the Total Shaving Solution is not, to my knowledge, available from retailers in my area. I received my bottle from Little Big Man Enterprises through the mail, and I can recommend them as a source for TSS if you don’t mind shopping online. They offer an unconditional guarantee on TSS as well, so there’s not a lot of risk in trying it out.

I highly recommend this product.

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