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Desert Essence Shaving Oil

These comments are by Dreif.

I recently was wandering around a health food store and found some stuff called Desert Essence Shaving Oil, supposedly made from tea-tree oil. I had been using “Edge” shaving gel with good result, but, ever eager to try something new, when I saw the oil, I decided to try it. Although it cost eight bucks for a two ounce bottle, what cost comfort?

I have not used any shaving cream since I bought it, at least on my head. Since I do the shaving in the shower, all you have to do is to follow instructions: wash the head, leave it wet, use a very small amount of the oil (since it is in a spray bottle, you just spray two or three “pumps” on your hand), then massage it into the scalp, and keeping it wet (easy in the shower), shave.

I have used the cheapest generic razors with it and still gotten a very close and comfortable shave with no nicks and no irritation. The back of my neck, a perpetual trouble spot, is healed and comfortable. It should get the Baldy seal of approval.

California North

These comments are from John1511 (posted here with his permission).

The entire California North line of shave cream and other items is great. The Razor Shave cream (comes in a tube) is wonderful, and it smells terrific. I just tried their self tanning cream, and it’s the best I have used. My whole head now glows in a warm, tanned tone, doesn’t look phony or strange (or orange!). They sell their products internationally, and apparently their Razor Shave cream is a top seller in England. Folks in the US can find it at Nordstrom, Jacobsen’s and Sephora, and in select smaller stores that focus on unique skin care products. It can also be ordered on the Web at: http://www.californianorth.com

Bald & Bold

The following tips are from Richard Noska (posted here with his permission).

I also have had luck with aftercare products under the name of Bald & Bold. In my area, these are sold through Walgreens. Three products: after shave splash, moisturizer, and buff. The buff gives a great shine. Also, as winter approaches, a more expensive product (Lab Series for Men) has been ideal. It involves a facial wash, a shave cream, and a moisturizer. I have used this product for nearly six month and have not had so much as a nick. The after care for shaving your head has been harder to figure out than the actual process of shaving. The product “Bald & Bold” is sold by Supreme Beauty Products Co. of Chicago, IL, and they do have a phone number available through directory assistance. You can mail order the product. One warning–it does make your head shine; the buff can actually be shined with a nylon cloth! This is a relatively cheap solution to moisturizing and the product can be used sparingly to last longer. It is also scent free. This is a good feature in the summer–the bugs do not seem to be attracted to your head as they are with scented aftershaves. The Lab Series for men is an expensive procuct (about $30.00 for a kit with all three product) but it has been a good solution for me. The three items are meant to be used sparingly and your razor (mach3) glides very smoothly. No razor burn at all. I’ve used this for about 3 months and have not had a nick of any kind.

Therapeutic Botanical Hair and Scalp Rinse

The following review is from Greg (posted here with his permission).

Last fall I decided to stop postponing the inevitable, and began shaving my head, with more or less good results until winter set in. At that time I began getting dandruff flakes on my scalp. At the recommendation of my local health food store guru, I began using “Therapeutic Botanical Hair and Scalp Rinse” produced by the “Genuine African Formula” company. The ingredients in here are all natural, with no animal by-products and no animal testing, and the results I’ve had are really good. About every two – three days I apply a bit to my scalp, let it sit while I shower, and then rinse it off. I use it on “off” days (I don’t shave every day, more like every two-three days).

You should be able to buy this from any afro-centric beauty store, and some of the larger health food stores may cary it. I got mine for 8 clams (US), and three months later still have 1/3 of the bottle left.

Definitely recommended.

Clinique Post Shave Healer

The following review is from Jason (posted here with his permission).

I don’t know if you use after shave on your head, but, if you do I think I have found the BEST. I have tried many, many, many different kinds (I’ve been shaving my head for almost 10 years). It is Clinique Supplies For Men-POST-SHAVE HEALER.

This stuff is the best, it doesn’t burn or hurt AT ALL (not me anyway).

Here are the POSITIVES: it is for all skin types, allergy tested, 100% fragrance free. It is an aloe-rich moisturizing lotion that comforts to freshly shaven skin. It soothes razor burn, relieves dryness, repairs minor nicks and cuts, and has a gentle, cooling tingle.

The only DOWNSIDE is that it runs anywhere from $18.00-$28.00 for a 2.5 oz. bottle, but I bet it you try it you will love and won’t want to use anything else. For me the most embarrising thing was to go to the make-up counter to ask for it, but now they know me and know what I want when they see me.

Witch Hazel

These comments are from M.J. Armstrong.

I use Witch Hazel on my scalp and face if I incur and nicks, and find that it works great! It heals and soothes quickly, in addition to imparting a nice glow to the skin. As a bonus, it’s extremely cheap and can be found in many drugstores and supermarkets. All the bottle I’ve found have a 14% alcohol content–for some chemical reason that eludes me now–so there is a brief sting. Still, it’s worth it.

Gillette Series after shave gels and lotions

These comments are from Dave (posted here with his permission).

Gillette Series after shave gels and lotions are the newest additons to the after shave skin care market. They are avalible almost everywhere, from big super stores to small corner drug stores. Both the gels and the lotions come in 3 varieties: Protection, Conditioning and Sensitive. I have noticed no true differance in the overall feel or results of the 3 different styles. Both the gels and the lotions work very well and give your skin a nice soothing feeling. Very comforting. The gels come in blue bottles and the lotions in white. The gels do have a brief sting at first which is hardly noticeable, while the lotions have none of this at all. The scent is very plesant and masculine. There really isn’t anything I disliked about the product. It is even priced moderatly, $2.00-$2.50, which is nice. Very good product. Highly recomended.

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