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Head Shaving Videos

Learn everything you need to know about shaving your head through these helpful YouTube videos.

Shaving your head with Clippers

Let’s start off with a video where the guy has a full head of hair and decides to shave it off. This is really the starting point for most guys. If you have never shaved your head before this is the video you will want to watch.

If you are convinced after watching this video to shave your head then go over and checkout our comparison of the Best Electric Head Shavers to decide which is best for you.

Shaving your head with a cartridge Razor

The next video is from Joseph who has been shaving his head for a long time.  He uses a gilette fusion razor and shaving cream, but there are many different razors and lubricants that you can use.  If you are ready to go from a buzzed head to a smooth shaved head checkout our Best Cartridge Razors

Shaving your head with Shaving Oil

The next video is a review for a head shaving oil by Sir Hare.  Enjoy the comedy from the guy in front of the camera and about an awesome product that provides a very close shave.  You can checkout the products for yourself over at –  Head Shaving Oil

I hope these videos gave you the courage to begin shaving your head.  Let us know if there is another good video out there that people should check out.