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Links for the Hairless

These links are all about head-shaving or have something to do with being bald-by-choice. Product sites are listed at the bottom of the page. Links for and about bald women are on this page. If you want even more links, check out the ShaverLog, as I sometimes link to pages that I haven't gotten around to adding here.

Inspiring Bald Archives - Hair Loss Geeks
Inspiring posts about the bald and bald-by-choice, from the blog Hair Loss Geeks.
Sly Bald Guys
A bald community site. From their home page: "This is the place where bald guys rule! Whether you are bald by choice or Mother Nature influenced the decision, you are in the right place. This site was created to provide a community for any and all bald guys."
Baldly Go
A site discussing the causes and the ultimate solution to balding. They even offer a virtual hair loss treatment - send them a photo, and they'll 'balderize' it for you.
HeadShaveProducts.com Forums
A new online message board for sharing information and asking questions about headshaving and headshaving-related products. Check it out.
Ain't We Got Bald?
A proud bald man with a cool website. Visit, look around, ponder, enjoy.
The website for those who believe that God made a few perfect heads, and on the rest he put hair. They reject the idea that hair equals happiness, with which I agree fully and completely. Be proud!
This site describes itself as a commercial-free source of information about hair removal methods. A major part of its focus seems to be exposing false claims made by companies and people who sell hair removal products. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking at alternatives to shaving.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The author notes that he doesn't claim that his is the definitive Shave-Your-Head FAQ, but it is his Shave-Your-Head FAQ. It's a good one, though, with plenty of insight. Definitely worth a look.
A large site detailing many methods of removing hair from the body. They have a brief section on head-shaving as well.
Bald By Choice Men
A Yahoo! Club intended for the intentionally bald gentleman, with a message board, chat room, and links. A wonderful site, especially if you're looking for encouragement or advice on shaving your own head. Definitely worth a look!
Men's Bald and Proud Club
Another Yahoo! Club, but this one is for men who are bald (either naturally or by choice) and, well, proud of it.

Product Sites

Please note: A link on this site does not imply an endorsement of any product or service. Some of the products listed below have been reviewed, others have not. In all cases, buyer beware.

Nashville Knifeshop - Men's Shaving sets
Straight razors and double-edge razors.
Men's shaving and skin care by men-u
High performance grooming products made just for guys.
Grooming Lounge
Fine men's grooming products and services.
Bald Head Care
Head shaving oil that smells great, provides an excellent shave and moisturizes your head.
Executive Shaving
Quality shaving products for the distinguished man.
Razor Gator
Disposable Razor Cleaning Tool
Wahl Clippers and Trimmers
All about clippers and trimmers by Wahl.
Hair Removal Products
A site that discusses hair removal methods and products
Prince Reigns Gel
A premium shaving gel which claims to reduce ingrown hairs by softening the hair follicle, and to reduce future ingrown hairs by straightening the follicle. Made with all natural ingredients.
Bald Head Shine.com
From their website: " Bald Head Shine includes my innovative pH balanced dry oil spray with vitamins A and E & Aloe Vera extract. It is known for its soothing properties on delicate skin and leavies your scalp unbelievably soft. It rejuvenates your scalp skin for that soft, youthful glow."
Carter and Bond
From their website: "Carter and Bond brings together the very best male grooming products around, in an exciting new way. For the first time you will find the leading hair and skin care ranges along with the finest fragrances and accessories, all in one easy to use secure website." They sell a number of shaving products, including straight razors. Carter and Bond are based in the UK.
Cromwell & Cruthers
Manufacturers of fine shaving oil
Trafalgar Shop
A retailer specializing in fine shaving and grooming products. Their catalog features a number of products that you're not likely to find in your local drugstore.
An online retailer that "exists to save people having to drag themselves round the stores", Blademail offers automatic repeating orders of replacement razor blades delivered by mail at the frequency you decide (delivery's free in the UK), as well as a number of other shaving-related products.
Mercury Shaver Centre
They are a retailer and service centre for electric shavers. They also offer hard-to-find replacement parts as well as some tips and hints on electric shaving and how to take care of a electric shaver.
Mont Source International
Mont Source produces professional men's grooming products for the spa and salon market. Their shaving products include pre-shaves, aftershaves, shaving cremes and shaving oil.
Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil
Pacific Shaving Company is a family-owned business marketing what they call an "all natural shaving oil" that is lightly scented. It has been reviewed.
Jack Black Products for Men
Jack Black produces and distributes several grooming products made for men. They've recently sent me a sample of their Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, and the review is here.
Somerset's Shaving Oil
Somerset's produces a fine shaving oil, which I was fortunate enough to find in a local store recently. I've posted a review of Somerset's.
The Skin Saver
This company makes a product that claims to be "effective for razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs and other shaving irritations." It's also supposed to soften and soothe the skin. I've received a sample, and will post a review soon.
This company cryogenically tempers razor blades. They claim that the blades last 3 times as long as regular (non-cryo'd) blades. I shaved with one for around 2 months before switching it out (it wasn't too dull to use, but I wanted to test a different blade and didn't want to wait). The guy in charge also sells them on Ebay, and has had excellent feedback from buyers. They definitely seem worthwhile.
A company in California designed a razor specifically for us head-shavers. My review is here.

Page last checked October 26, 2011. At that time, all links worked and all sites listed were still coming up okay (I did have to delete a few that seem to be gone now).

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