Skull Shaver – worth the hype?

I think its really great that companies continue creating products specialized for head shavers.  The Skull Shaver is of those products that takes a traditional electric shaver and makes some modifications to the grip in order to be more ergonomically suited to shave your skull, dome, or whatever you want to call it bald.

The Skull shaver

is a battery powered electric shaver to provide a clean bald look that can be used wet or dry.  You can purchase the skull shavers on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and directly on the company website @ skullshaver.com
There are several different skull shaver models available starting at about $50 going up to $150.  Let’s talk about each model, the pros and cons of each and if it’s worth buying one of these shavers for your skull.  The company carries both men’s and women’s line, however this article will focus on the men’s shaver.
I must admit it was a bit of a chore to understand all of the different models and the pros and cons of each.  Hopefully I have captured all of the necessary information required to decide which one is right for you.
There are a few no no’s with these shavers.  All of them mention that they can be used wet or dry, but that means your hair/whiskers can be wet or dry not the razor itself.  That means stay out of the shower when using it.
If you normally use a shaving gel you also need to be careful because they recommend against it since it will clog up the heads of the shaver.  You can use shaving cream if you wish.

Skull Shaver Reviews

Starting from the lowest cost to the highest 
This is considered the entry level razor and a price tag of about $50.  It comes with AA lithium rechargeable batteries providing up to 4 hours of operation.
There are a total of 5 rotary cutters and it features a flexible head to get around the curvy spots on your skull.  No LCD display on this version, so you need to make sure you keep it charged or you might end up with half of your skull shaved and then a dead battery.

Bald Eagle essential
Coming in at $85 is the essential model.  It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery providing 70 minutes on a single charge.  That’s quite a bit less than the lower cost version.  I’m guessing this has a bit more horsepower and the LCD display probably also sucks down the battery quicker.
70 minutes is more than enough time for a complete shave and the lcd has lighted dots to keep you informed of how much of a charge is left.  If it needs a recharge you are looking at 5 hours to get a full recharge.  This cannot be used with a cord, so battery or no shave.
This version also has 5 rotary cutters with a flexible head same as the lower cost model.

This model is a bit more at $99.  It also has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides 90 minutes on a single charge.

The big difference in this model compared to the essential is that it has 3 rotary cutters instead of 5 and if you run out of battery just plug it in and use it corded.

With a hefty price tag of $120 the smart shaver comes in as the most expensive version they have available.  Same lithium ion batteries providing 90 minutes on a single charge.  Same horsepower as the essential and trinity and it has 5 rotary cutters.

The main differences are an LCD that shows a %of charge instead of just an indicator light.  Not a big deal in my opinion.  This one also has the option to use with a cord, which is a big plus.
Overall the build quality does appear to be better on the smart shaver, so if you are looking to invest this is probably the one to get for the long run.

I’ve done a lot of research and the reviews for the skull shavers are all over the place.  Many very positive and some very negative.  I will say that the complaints usually followed with them contacting the company and they took care of the customer after all.

It seems that this is a pretty legit company that is genuinely interested in making their customers happy, which is hard to come by nowadays.  Give them a shot if you are looking for a shaver for that skull of yours and let me know what you think.
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